Benefits and Requirements of a Disability Scooter

What are some of the benefits of buying a disability scooter? A scooter is a device that provides transportation to a disabled or sickly person. It is not exclusively used by disabled individuals as is a wheelchair. It is often used by individuals who have leg function but who have great discomfort in performing a daily routine. This discomfort may be caused by obesity, arthritis, leg or back pain, and various other ailments.
Benefits and Requirements of a Disability Scooter
Benefits and Requirements of a Disability Scooter
A disability scooter is similar to a wheelchair but it has a different design. For one thing, it provides more comfort for a person who cannot wheel him or herself to various points. The user can simply operate the vehicle using a tiller, or a control switch. Using just his or her thumbs, the person can accelerate the vehicle or put it in reverse. A scooter might also have a swivel seat. This will be of greater convenience to a person who finds the footstools of a wheelchair confining.

A disability scooter also has a better reputation than a wheelchair does. When someone rolls around in a wheelchair, he or she will carry the stigma of being “handicapped.” (Political correctness aside, that’s what people are thinking) However, many people that use a motorized scooter are not disabled. They can still walk and use their arms and legs. It’s just that performing strenuous activities, like walking hundreds of feet at a brisk pace, can be painful. This is why scooters are available to rent inside grocery stores and theme parks. They take away the burden of walking long distances.

Are there any special requirements for a disability scooter users? A few, but they are fairly logical. A scooter driver must be able to operate his or her hand and wrist. He or she must be able to stand and walk a few steps in order to ride and step off the vehicle. The person must be able to sit upright without a backend for support. In other words, a disability scooter is not a wheelchair. Do not expect any wheelchair features in a scooter.

Like a wheelchair, a disability scooter is considered a medical device, or a piece of medical equipment. You may get a doctor’s note for such a device, and it may be covered by Medicare or your medical insurance policy. However, these vehicles can also be bought without a prescription. They are made for your comfort. Thus, they are freely available to anyone that suffers chronic pain from walking long distances.

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