Mesothelioma And Pneumonia

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Pneumonia and Mesothelioma. Pneumonia is an infection of one or both lungs caused by germs. It s often a complication of the flu and can be life threatening for people with mesothelioma. A person with pleural mesothelioma is more likely to get lung infections such as pneumonia and experience serious complications..

  • Mesothelioma Symptoms Identify Early Warning Signs

    Symptoms of mesothelioma can often be confused with the symptoms of other diseases. Therefore, it is important to know the potential signs of mesothelioma, especially if you have a history of being exposed to asbestos By recognizing symptoms right away, mesothelioma patients have a better chance of receiving an .

  • Mesothelioma Wikipedia

    Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that develops from the thin layer of tissue that covers many of the internal organs known as the mesothelium . The most common area affected is the lining of the lungs and chest wall. Less commonly the lining of the abdomen and rarely the sac surrounding the heart, or the sac surrounding the testis may be affected. Signs and symptoms of mesothelioma .

  • Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Cancer Information

    Symptoms of Pleural Mesothelioma. The initial symptoms of pleural mesothelioma include chest pain, shortness of breath, slight fatigue and weight loss. Because these symptoms mirror those of less serious illnesses, such as pneumonia or the flu, doctors often misdiagnose the cancer in its early stages..

  • Respiratory And Lung Disease List And The Likely

    Conclusive causal relationships are difficult to establish because chemical exposure is variably manefest in lung disease or respiratory disease symptoms based on many interconnected physical, environmental, and genetic factors which are hard to quantify, predict, or define..

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