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Asbestos exposure is the primary risk factor for mesothelioma cancer. However, research shows certain genetic factors play a role in mesothelioma incidence rates. The study evaluated two U.S. families with high incidences of mesothelioma and the mutation of the BAP gene..Malignant pleural mesothelioma MPM is a cancer of the pleural cavity whose main risk factor is exposure to asbestos. However, it has been .Malignant mesothelioma is a rare cancer with poor outcome, associated the interplay between asbestos exposure and genetic variability in .

  • Genetic Mesothelioma Risk Factors Bap Gene Mutation

    Dr. David Sugarbaker, director of the Lung Institute at Baylor College of Medicine and America's foremost authority on pleural mesothelioma, co authored a study published in the March edition of Nature Genetics identifying previously unknown genetic alternations within mesothelioma and mutated genes of significance..

  • Faculty University Of Hawaii Cancer Center

    Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation Pioneer Award for work on Mesothelioma, International Mesothelioma Interest Group iMiG Wagner Medal, , the highest honor presented by the iMiG to a leader in the field for "discovering the role of genetics in the pathogenesis of mesothelioma.".

  • How Genetics May Affect Mesothelioma Development

    Gene therapy would only be used for as such is diseases with no cures. Currently, gene therapy is a possible treatment, but more research is in order to determine how safe it is for mesothelioma and other cancer treatments. Multiple stu.s have shown that BAP is a strong risk factor for mesothelioma. As a genetic factor, it is difficult to combat..

  • Genetics And Mesothelioma Diagnosis How They

    Like all cancers, mesothelioma is literally a genetic disease. Mesothelioma occurs when the genes of normal, healthy cells mutate and transform into mesothelioma cells. Cancer researchers are identifying the specific genes that cause or result from mesothelioma to use this information to diagnose patients..

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