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The spread of the cancer within the chest cavity is often damaging enough. However, some patients do experience metastasis, including the spread of the cancer to the brain. The most common sites for metastatic tumors in patients with mesothelioma are the liver, kidneys, and the second lung..Metastasis generally occurs when cancer cells travel through the bloodstream or lymphatic system to distant sites. Once mesothelioma cells have spread around the body, they can invade any nearby organs and cause secondary tumors to develop..Malignant pleural mesothelioma with brain metastasis. Malignant pleural mesothelioma MPM is a rare neoplasm associated with poor prognosis. Local disease progression is the major cause of rather than distant metastasis. Intracranial metastases are seen very rarely..We herein present two cases of malignant mesothelioma with metastases to the brain and offer a systematic review and pooledysis of the literature of the .

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    Mesothelioma Brain Metastasis One of the characteristics of stage IV mesothelioma is metastasis, the spread of the cancer to more distant parts of the body. Many patients with mesothelioma will pass away before this happens..

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    Mesothelioma metastasis, however, can also occur as the disease continues to progress. How Quickly Does Mesothelioma Metastasize? Mesothelioma is known as a particularly aggressive cancer with a range of development rates..

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    Mesothelioma metastasis occurs when the cancer has spread beyond where the tumors originated, generally associated with stage and stage mesothelioma. When mesothelioma metastasizes, prognosis worsens and treatment options may be .

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    Mesothelioma Metastasis When cancer spreads from its point of origin to other parts of the body, this is known as "metastasis." Cancer cells can spread to other areas of the body via the lymph nodes and the bloodstream..

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