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During the course of his research, Sleggs found unusual pleural tumors in the bo.s of asbestos workers. In their paper published by the British Journal of Medicine in , Sleggs and Wagner detailed cases of mesothelioma they discovered, with all but one case having a proven history of asbestos exposure..

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    History of Mesothelioma Treatment Top mesothelioma specialist Dr. David Sugarbaker explains how mesothelioma treatment options have changed over the last years. Surgical treatment of mesothelioma began in the s with the use of pneumonectomy and pleurectomy..

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    While he correctly described the tumors, he misidentified them. In , another German doctor, E. Wagner, published a paper that accurately distinguished mesothelioma tumors from tuberculous. Using a microscope, he discovered that the patients that had been diagnosed with tuberculous actually had malignant tumors in the pleura..

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    Next Video Living With Mesothelioma Cancel Mesothelioma was discovered and recognized in when Dr. Wagner described cases of mesothelioma occurring in South Africa. Discover how mesothelioma was finally linked to asbestos exposure with helpful information from a clinical professor in this free video on cancer..

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