Youngest Mesothelioma Victim

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One young adult who developed mesothelioma was Austin Lacy, who lost his battle at age . It is unknown if he came into contact with asbestos. Australian Adam Sagerd of mesothelioma at age , years after documented asbestos exposure..The woman who has just become Britain s youngest victim of a rare , lost her two year battle against the killer disease mesothelioma on .

  • Youngest Recorded Victim Of Mesothelioma Disease

    Increase in the number of Mesothelioma Cases in The Irish Republic A child who lived close to a Cape Asbestos Factory develops mesothelioma years later By .

  • Britains Youngest Asbestos Victims At Did She

    Leigh Carlisle The youngest person to of mesothelioma in Britain. The illness is usually suffered by older people and lawyers working with Leigh were investigating the cause long before her..

  • Youngest Asbestos Victims Aged Mirror Online

    Britain's youngest ever victim of a killer cancer linked to asbestos hasd after a heartbreaking five year battle against the disease. Brave Sophie Ellis was just when she was diagnosed with mesothelioma and given months to live..

  • Young Mesothelioma Victims Of Asbestos Exposure In

    Despite outliving the average life expectancy for mesothelioma patients of between months her five year battle against the disease ended tragically in August , when shed aged just . Two years earlier, in , another female mesothelioma victim from Manchester, Leigh Carlisle, alsod at the young age of ..

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