Lung Cancer Through the Quad Transfer

Lung cancer, not only in the primary site continue to grow and spread, but also often through the lymphatic and Xuelu transferred to the local lymph nodes and other body organs. The incidence of lung cancer more often concealed, early often no obvious symptoms, easily overlooked, and even some long-distance transfer of patients has occurred, is still not confirmed, the understanding of the characteristics of the transfer of lung cancer, lung cancer diagnosis and treatment will also be Helpful.

Direct spread

Lung cancer from bronchial occurred along the infiltration of bronchial wall, directly to the proliferation of proximal or distal end, to be invaded trachea eminence plane, or air to the lungs through bronchial wall infiltration growth in real terms, and further up to mediastinal pleura . The latter can lead to the cultivation of the two pleural proliferation, pleural thickening, as if the corpus callosum. Could be worse transgression and chest wall and diaphragmatic, or to the esophagus and the pericardium.

Lymphatic metastasis

Lung cancer at an early stage is likely to occur lymphatic metastasis. General small cell carcinoma of the transfer earlier than squamous cell carcinoma and. First found in lymphatic metastasis of the lung lymph nodes, hilar lymph nodes, trachea and bronchi adjacent lymph nodes. This may be to mediastinal lymph nodes (which is the guideline for long-distance transfer) autopsy cases of lung cancer about half that peritoneal metastasis.

Xuelu transfer

Xuelu transfer of common lung cancer, often caused systemic result of extensive transfer of death, the mortality rate was 92%. Especially those that are not differentiated small cell lung cancer such as cancer, the cancer cells may occur early Xuelu transfer, and then later adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Lung cancer transferred to remote organs, not from lung cancer is often the primary site Xuelu transfer, but through the mediastinum into the metastasis venous circulation Yan returned to the lungs. Therefore, in general there is no transfer of early lung cancer, lung metastasis is not uncommon. According to the autopsy materials and lung cancer of the lung metastases found only 10 percent of the cases, but to make sure it is transferred from the Xuelu mediastinal lymph nodes from, or from the more common internal organs to shift from the Xuelu, it is difficult.

Cultivation of transfer

Body cavity of the organ tumors spread to the organ surface, the tumor cells can be exfoliated and, like sowing, planting in the body cavity and body cavity of the organ on the surface, forming the majority of the transfer. This method known as the transfer of duty of the transfer or sowing, more than occurred in the abdominal or thoracic organ cancer. Organs of cancer, such as the invasion of gastric cancer and gastric damage serosa, Ke Zhongzhi to the omentum, peritoneal, abdominal organs in the face of even the surface of ovarian, etc.. Lung cancer is often in the chest with a wide range of cultivation of the transfer. Serous cavity of the cultivation of each shift with serous bloody fluid, it is because subserosal lymphatic or vascular thrombosis was resistance, resistance to cancer or serous stimulus to the permeability of capillary A result of increased leakage increased, and because blood vessels were small cell carcinoma of the destruction it caused bleeding. Suction fluid for cytology see often available on the cancer cells. It is worth noting that surgery could also result in cultivation.

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