Lung Cancer

Cancer is a well known disease to almost all of us. Every year many victims are falling prey to this deadly disease. Up to now no such medicine has been discovered that can cure cancer disease. Cancer develops in the form of a tumor and slowly and steadily these cancer cells increase in number. The reason because of which cancer is a deadly disease is that it shows no external symptoms in the victim’s body. It is said that if cancer is diagnosed in the early stages, it can be cured. There are many forms of cancer which affect the lives of thousands of people. One of the forms is lung cancer. Lung cancer is still affecting the lives of thousands of people. There are many different causes of lung cancer. The top most factor of causing lung cancer is smoking. The harmful substances of smoke destroy the lung cells. It is not necessary that a person who does not smoke can’t get lung cancer. If a particular person is regularly exposed to the tobacco smoke, the risk of lung cancer is higher.

Lung Cancer

There are many other factors too which are responsible for cancer. These include some natural factors too which are not in our control. These things include radon, asbestos, nickel, chromium, tar etc. These things are highly responsible for causing lung cancer and they mostly affect those people who work in the factories of these substances. The other major cause of lung cancer is air pollution. The risk of becoming a victim of lung cancer is higher in those cities which have high percentage of air pollution.

If cancer is diagnosed in an early stage it can be cured using some medication and precautions. There are many medicines available which help in resisting the cancer cells from growing inside the body if diagnosed in an early stage. According to some experts, a good diet is very helpful in protecting the body from the deadly cancer disease. A diet rich in fruits, green vegetables, low fat stuff, grains and preservatives is very helpful in minimizing the risk of lung cancer. Avoiding the use of alcohol is also very helpful in reducing the risk of deadly lung cancer. The other factor which minimizes the risk of cancer is fitness of the body. According to experts, physically fit human beings are less prone to lung cancer. If a person is maintaining a high fitness level, he can avoid lung cancer even after performing cigarette smoking.

There are many vitamins, drugs and other chemical agents available which are helpful in reducing the risk or delaying the growth of cancer and are called as chemoprevention. Many scientists are trying their best to make a medicine using these drugs and vitamins which can be helpful in curing lung cancer. But up to now no such medication has been discovered which can be proved helpful in curing lung cancer completely.

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