Mesothelioma - Big Latency Period is the Main Issue

Mesothelioma or the cancer of the lungs primarily affects the mesothelium of the organs and when this protective covering gets affected, the organs inside are vulnerable to attack and they invariably are not able to deal with the onslaught of the cancer cells. This disease mainly impacts those individuals who are exposed to dust, fibres and filings of asbestos and due to their job tend to breathe in these dangerous things thus getting affected. Other people who also tend to contract this disease are those who come in close contact with the clothes of the exposed person while washing them and that is why many factories and entities are now providing washing facilities to workers after they finish their shift so that they wear fresh clothes to home and do not have to carry the clothes that have traces of these asbestos fibres and dust.

Mesothelioma - Big Latency Period is the Main Issue

The main reason why this disease cannot be detected early enough is the fact that there are hardly any symptoms shown by the affected individual. The latency period for this disease can be between twenty to fifty years and that is why individuals are clueless about the disease developing within their bodies. Even when they do experience some symptoms, they are not that severe that they are prompted to take immediate action and that is where the disease gains an upper hand. The diagnosis is very slow and by the time it is confirmed, in many cases it is too late. The reason is that the symptoms mirror other diseases and doctors have to rely on the process of elimination to arrive at a definite diagnosis about mesothelioma.

While a total cure is yet to be found for this disease, individuals affected can take the help of chemotherapy, radiation and even surgery to deal with this disease. These methods can provide some relief to the patient and till the time other more effective treatments like gene healing, boosting of the immune system and photodynamic methods are put to adequate test and clinical trials, there appears no solution in sight.

Surgery for those affected by mesothelioma includes all three kinds – painkilling, curative and the diagnostic depending on the severity of the condition and how well the patient can take it. This is a function of the general health and fighting capability of the patient. The doctors try to provide relief to the patients from pain by totally eliminating the cancer cells. This way further spread of the cells can also be prevented.

Usually the curative surgery is then followed by chemotherapy as well as radiation sessions so that the cells do not get a chance to grow back and the patient is able to lead a life that is close to normal.

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