15 self-care products that will help you de-stress and relax

15 things that promote self-care that will help you take care of yourself.

15 things that promote self-care that will help you take care of yourself.

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We are living in stressful and uncertain times, and looking after your mental (and physical) health is crucial. That’s why self-care is such a hot topic these days. It’s not about ignoring the news and current events, but rather finding ways to cope when you need it.

At Reviewed, we’re devoted to helping you find the best things for every aspect of your life — including self-care. Volunteering in your local community is a more proactive form of self-care, but you can also relieve stress and anxiety with these products. We’ve rounded up 15 things that promote self-care—products that our staff have personally tested and loved or have hundreds of 5-star reviews online—that will help you take care of yourself.

1. Our favorite essential oil diffuser

Stop and smell the essential oils.

Stop and smell the essential oils.

Essential oil diffusers can help you relax and create a more calm, zen aura in your home. Of all the ones we tested, the Airomé diffuser had everything we were looking for at an affordable price. It runs for up to six hours, is easy to take from room to room, and is available in a ton of styles.

Buy for $33.29 on Amazon

2. A month of Headspace to clear your mind

All you need is a few minutes.

All you need is a few minutes.

I’m hooked on Headspace, despite initial skepticism about the much-praised meditation app.

When I imagined using an app to learn to meditate, it seemed counterintuitive and kind of ridiculous. Shouldn’t I be getting as far away from my phone as possible? Isn’t looking at the screen too stimulating? Well, yes, but Headspace understands this and works around it.

Headspace Premium offers a huge library of meditation exercises and visualizations, almost all of which are just audio—no staring at the phone screen! You can browse categories, focusing on topics like anger management, work stress, and attaining deep sleep, or you can make your way through Headspace’s beginner course, which grounds you on the essentials of meditation.

One month of Headspace Premium comes in under $13, and gives you ample opportunities to learn—and there’s a trial period of seven days, so you can figure out if the app is right for you.

Headspace Plus from the App Store

Headspace for Android from Google Play

3. An affordable yoga mat to introduce gentle movement into your day

Down dog anyone?

Down dog anyone?

There’s really nothing that does a better job of keeping me grounded, happy, and present in my own body than even the tiniest bit of yoga. I do my best to get up each morning and do even just 10 minutes of yoga before starting my day, either on my own or with the help of YouTube (I’m partial to Yoga With Kassandra, myself). On days when I do this, I really notice the difference in how alert, energetic, and positive I feel.

One of the great things about yoga is that it is relatively accessible, both financially and physically. Your practice can make you sweat, or it can just get you stretching your stiff limbs. And unlike many physical activities, it doesn’t require much equipment or space.

All you really need is a mat—and the Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat is our pick for best value. We loved its non-slip surface, and its thick cushioning that protects sensitive knees.

Yoga isn’t everyone’s thing, but if you can find something to make you feel present, satisfied, and grateful, hang onto it—that is exactly what self-care should do.

Buy for $33.21 on Amazon

4. An expert-approved foot spa for some end-of-day pampering

For a simple, cheap, and easy-to-clean foot soak, this spa can't be beat.

For a simple, cheap, and easy-to-clean foot soak, this spa can’t be beat.

Want to pamper yourself without leaving your house? You can relax after a long day (or in the middle of a long day, who am I to judge) with our pick for the best value foot spa.

The Conair Foot Pedicure Spa, which has hundreds of 5-star ratings, offers an intuitive, easy-to-clean foot bath with bubbles, gently warming water, and a vibrating massage. We found the water heating element somewhat underwhelming, but otherwise enjoyed the Conair as a solid, relaxing spa.

Buy for $29.99 on Amazon

5. A calming herbal tea

Brew up a cup of something relaxing.

Brew up a cup of something relaxing.

I might not always do morning yoga, or get out of bed early enough to read—but I always make time for tea. These caffeine-free herbal teas from YogiTea can be a sweet addition to your morning, or a nice way to wind down.

Taking the time to enjoy a cup of tea is, in my opinion, always an act of self-care (assuming you’re not more of an iced coffee person). With flavors like honey lavender and sweet clementine, this tea is perfect whether you’re just trying to cut down on caffeine, or if you’re hoping to catch a few extra zzz’s.

Buy for $25.15 on Amazon

6. A bath bomb for a relaxing soak

Who doesn't love a colorful, glittery bubble bath?

Who doesn’t love a colorful, glittery bubble bath?

No list of self-care ideas would be complete without taking a bubble bath. And for that, you’ll need one of these top-rated bath bombs. With a 4.5-star rating from over 2,000 reviewers, Get Da Bomb Bath Bombs come in a bevy of delicious (and relaxing scents) and, according to happy shoppers, last longer than others. Perfect for a long, luxurious soak after a stressful day.

Buy for $9.89 on Amazon

7. A month’s subscription to Skillshare to reinvigorate your sense of curiosity

Skillshare's huge library of lessons will get you started with just about any new endeavor

Skillshare’s huge library of lessons will get you started with just about any new endeavor

One of the most critical ways I am taking care of myself is by investing time in learning skills I haven’t had the time to pursue. I’ve loved pursuing language learning and spending time cooking new meals, but it was my desire to hone my creative skills that drove me to try out Skillshare.

Skillshare is a massive library of online lessons, in everything from business and money habits to music and fine art. If you’re having a hard time self-motivating to learn something new, but you know it would make a big difference in how you feel, Skillshare could help you thrive through this weird, disruptive time.

I’ve been enjoying my Skillshare courses in drawing and illustration—but I’m also lucky enough to have access to LinkedIn Learning, which has proven to be a really great resource. Looking for a similar service, but hesitant about signing up? Try Skillshare’s free trial—but also check if your job, school, or community center offers access to one of these programs. You might already be lucky!

Sign up for free trial of Skillshare

8. A derma roller to soothe your skin

Dermal rollers might sound scary, but when used correctly they're a painless and proven way to heal damaged skin

Dermal rollers might sound scary, but when used correctly they’re a painless and proven way to heal damaged skin

If you’ve never seen a derma roller before, this might look a little intimidating—but don’t be scared. This tool features a roller with a series of microneedles, which, when rolled gently against the skin, can stimulate blood flow and help the skin regain elasticity. The results are in, and people say the Sdara Skincare Derma Roller works.

Derma rollers can help combat a number of skin issues, from acne scars to psoriasis. One reviewer writes that despite her initial skepticism, she’s found this tool surprisingly effective at helping hyperpigmentation fade. Other reviews specifically mention how helpful this is when dealing with breakouts.

Buy for $13.87 on Amazon

9. Take time to journal

These notebooks come in enough designs to match with any personality.

These notebooks come in enough designs to match with any personality.

Writing about your day in a journal—even if only for a few minutes—can provide a sense of self-reflection and peace.

Having a few nice journals on hand isn’t just good for emotional balance—it’s also been helping me to stay organized at work, especially if you work from home.

This collection of hardback notebooks from Papier is gorgeous, and the notebooks are customizable for both professional and personal use. You can add your name or other text to the cover, and decide if you’d prefer lined, unlined, or bulleted pages.

Take time to journal, or just use them to tick off your to-do list. Either way, you’ll be giving yourself the gift of mental space and clarity.

Buy for $30 on Papier

10. An acupressure mat that releases feel-good endorphins

Hurts so good.

Hurts so good.

One of my personal favorite ways to decompress when I’m feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, is by lying on the Prosource Fit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set (which has nearly 30,000 positive ratings on Amazon!). I love that the needles instantly relax my muscles and that when I stand up, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Buy for $25.15 on Amazon

11. A sleep mask for better rest

Mzoo beat out its competition in our tests.

Mzoo beat out its competition in our tests.

Sleep is a very important—and often overlooked—form of self care. If you struggle with getting enough rest, you might benefit from a sleep mask that blocks out light.

After testing some of the most popular ones, our editor said that “for a comfortable, total blackout experience,” the Mzoo Sleep Mask is the way to go. That’s why we named it the best contoured sleep mask that we tested. Because it’s contoured, absolutely no light will sneak in, meaning you have sweet dreams no matter the time of day.

Buy for $19.99 on Amazon

12. A deck of self-care cards

You can pick a new activity every day.

You can pick a new activity every day.

You know you need something to feel better, but you aren’t sure what. Yoga? A bubble bath? If you aren’t sure where to start with your own self-care, this “bucket list” can help.

The Stress Less deck contains 50 cards broken into three categories (life, love, and laughter) with ideas for all different mood boosters and mental health aids, from unplugging from social media for a day to volunteering to doing a random act of kindness.

Buy for $14.35 on Amazon

13. A face mask for irritated skin

Give your skin a major boost with the Glamglow Thirstymud 24-Hour Hydrating Treatment Face Mask.

Give your skin a major boost with the Glamglow Thirstymud 24-Hour Hydrating Treatment Face Mask.

Glamglow’s Thristymud face mask is specifically formulated to soothe stressed skin. Made with a blend of hyaluronic acid, ginger, honey, and coconut, it’s designed to moisturize and soothe all skin types.

The makers suggest using on problem dry-skin areas—hands, cuticles, elbows, arms, legs—for a hydration boost. One five-star reviewer said this mask left her skin feeling “softer, more elastic, and dewy. I like to use it after exfoliating to calm and plump my skin.”

Buy for $25 on Sephora

14. A handheld gadget that gently massages your scalp

Perfect for after a long day at work.

Perfect for after a long day at work.

I bought the Body Back Scalp Massager as a gift for my then-boyfriend a few years ago—and ended up buying one for myself after we broke up because I had become hooked. It’s so easy to use (simply move it up and down gently over your head) and it feels absolutely amazing (like the scalp massage you get whenever you go to the salon). I use it every single night after work and it relaxes me in just a few seconds.

Buy 2-pack for $5.99 on Amazon

15. A fragrant spray to turn any room into an oasis

A spray a day keeps the bad mood away.

A spray a day keeps the bad mood away.

This natural, botanical room spray from Crown Choice will give your home a nice fragrance immediately, without fussing with an oil diffuser or worrying about a candle catching the drapes on fire.

It’s easy to direct, so if you have a slightly less nice-smelling area of your home (litter box, anyone?) you can take care of it head-on. Made from essential oils, the all-natural spray comes in four yummy aromas. If you’re looking for ways to make your life a little more relaxing, this one will go a long way.

Buy 2-pack for $19.99 on Amazon

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