Fighting Asbestos Mesothelioma

Although mesothelioma does have other causes, asbestos is the leading cause of this malignant cancer. Of mesothelioma cases, the majority were created by asbestos. Manufacturers and builders first began using asbestos during the late 19th century after they had learned of its sound absorption qualities. During this time, it was placed into many forms of electrical insulation, wiring and building insulations and at times was even woven into fabrics and placed in cement.
Fighting Asbestos Mesothelioma
Fighting Asbestos Mesothelioma

In 1906, asbestos caused its first death and although research following this death showed an increase of lung and heart issues among those who worked with and mined the material, the results were hidden from the general public. Over the course of several decades the United States government and the asbestos companies allowed workers to continue working with the material, knowing the hazardous potential that asbestos had on people.

Because of this, many patients have been award payments from the company to aid in their fight against asbestos mesothelioma. These funds have proven helpful for patients and their family’s as they prepare for the treatments that the cancer requires. This also provides families a means of compensation if treatment is not successful and they must prepare for life without their loved one at their sides.

Treatment for asbestos mesothelioma varies, depending on the location of the cancer, the size of the tumors that are created from the cancer and the length of time that the patient was exposed to asbestos. Typically a combination of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are used to fight the disease.

At times, some have found alternate methods of treatment to be beneficial, so it is important to speak with your physician about your options if you have been diagnosed with asbestos mesothelioma. They will guide you on your path for treatment and may also be able to offer guidance on finding a mesothelioma lawyer.

Mesothelioma is most treatable in the earliest stages of the cancer so it is important to seek medical attention if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:
  •  Chest pain
  •  Shortness of breath
  •  Fatigue or anemia
  •  Wheezing, coughing
  •  Spitting up blood
Unfortunately, many of these symptoms may also be signs of other illnesses, which make mesothelioma difficult to diagnose properly. Doctors may first attempt to treat a number of other illnesses before performing tests to determine if a patient has developed asbestos mesothelioma. This can delay treatment and allow the cancer to spread further.

There are some things that you can do to help fight off the symptoms of asbestos mesothelioma. First, you should make healthy choices. By controlling the choices that you make in ways of your health, you can help give your body a better chance of fighting off the cancer. You start by limiting alcohol and tobacco use while undergoing treatment.

You should also try to eat better, as you should at any point of your life. By keeping your body full of antioxidants and nutrients that are provided by healthy foods, you are also creating a healthy immune system with which to fight the disease. Limiting junk food and fast food also helps keep your body healthy during the treatment process.

Make sure that you get plenty of rest. Once you begin the treatment process, your body will need time to recuperate and recover as much as possible. With plenty of rest, you may also be able to control the symptoms placed upon you by treatment and the cancer itself.

Try to get a little bit of exercise. Although you should rest when you can, a little bit of simple exercising is encouraged and will help keep you healthy. Going for a walk in the morning or evening will help you to keep your muscles active and keep your body active.

Talk it out with a professional. There are many emotional tolls that are placed on the body due to asbestos mesothelioma and the cancer treatments. It is a good idea to speak with a professional counselor in order to keep your emotional health intact as well. This process may also benefit your family members that are also struggling with the side effects of the cancer.
Make sure that you keep your options open. Asbestos mesothelioma does not offer a very bright prognosis and it is important to keep an open mind when it comes to the question of treatment. Some have found success with multiple methods, especially those who try clinical or experimental methods of treatment.

Keep an eye on the overall health of your body. Make sure that you are keeping your doctor informed of symptoms that you may be having. They may have medication or treatment options that can help with the treatment of these symptoms, which will make you more comfortable during the treatment process. Be sure to inform your doctor of any new symptoms that you experience immediately.

Don’t forget that others are in your situation as well. You may feel that you are in this battle on your own, but the truth is there are many others going through the same thing. Joining a support group can be beneficial to both you and your family and it will help you connect with others who are in the same situation as yourself.

Keep your loved ones involved with your life. Tough times are always made better by those who love and care about you. They want to help and if there is something specific that you need, allow them to. Keep them in the loop when it comes to how you are feeling and symptoms that you may be experiencing. Allow them to share your fears and worries in order to alleviate some of the stress that you are feeling.

Remember that you should always stay positive when fighting asbestos mesothelioma. By keeping your spirits up, you will help your mind fight the cancer better and raise your chance of survival. Speak with your family and doctor often about your mental state and allow them to help out when they can.

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